Online growth hacks post pandemic

How can we use our business’ strengths to overcome its weaknesses and to grow in this post-pandemic world continually?

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Alex Onalaja. Alex started life in Nigeria, and was labeled as unintelligent due to what he found later was actually dyslexia. But now he is a tech influencer, an author, and an owner of a successful marketing agency. His story alone is inspiring, let alone the practical tips he shares in this interview.

Alex will take you through the difference in marketing pre and post-pandemic. After listening to this episode, you will walk away with five simple, inexpensive things to do to grow your business.

So tune in, listen to Alex’s inspiring story, and learn what you need to do to drive your business online.

In This Episode

[02:35] Alex has always been a natural problem solver, despite the fact that he had dyslexia and struggled with education when he was younger. He shares more about his background.

[13:23] What are your strengths and weaknesses, and how do you use your strength to complement your weaknesses?

[16:24] What is TAD360?

[21:46] People’s lifestyles have changed and they have become more reliant on the internet.

[24:19] Alex splits the buying audience into three: emotional buyers, logical buyers, and one-night stands.

[27:28] Focus on the conversion, not on the number of people that visit your website.

[31:34] Five online growth hacks post-pandemic.

[34:34] Make sure you understand the fundamental pillars of what makes content great online.

[38:03] The Covid pandemic brought an important advantage for small businesses.

[41:32] People like transparency, and this is how you can make your business transparent.

[41:55] The biggest challenge in online marketing is a lack of time.

[43:44] Why time giving your marketing efforts time is important.

[50:18] What should be your marketing budget?

[56:42] Be innovative and make sure you are aligned with your objectives.

[57:27] The creation of Alex’s book “LOST, NOW FOUND: The Secret to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential in 30 Days”.

[58:21] You can have all the money in the world, but with the wrong mindset, you can lose everything in one day.

About Alex Onalaja

Alex Onalaja started life in Nigeria. He was labeled as unintelligent due to what he later found was actually dyslexia. He is now a tech influencer, an author, and the owner of a successful marketing agency. 

He was featured in Forbes and named one of the top 50 inspiring, prominent, influential voices in UK Black Tech by Tech Nation in 2019. He is a natural-born problem solver and passionate about mentoring and motivating others to take charge of their own lives.

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