The proven sales acceleration software, guaranteed to reduce your sales cycle.

The Account Management Software that Will Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

We’re Sales and Marketing Training Consultants based in the North West, UK, with over 25 years of experience in helping companies develop the right strategy and methodology to accelerate their sales cycle and increase their productivity. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the sales arena has helped us perfect our strategy and processes into a unique sales model and acceleration formula, which we have now embedded in the Sales Accelerator Software tool.

The Sales Accelerator is a highly effective software tool for businesses, incorporating the strategies, methodologies and training based on a successful formula which guarantees to help you accelerate your sales cycle.

The Sales Accelerator is not just a simple Account Management Software tool: with years of sales experience embedded into its design and a well-tested acceleration formula which has worked time and time again, it will not only help you organise the sales journey for your business but will strategically reduce the time of your cycle management processes.

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle and Increase Your Sales

Improve Margins

Focus on the most profitable and most attractive accounts with the highest rewards. This sales strategy can help you significantly speed up your sales cycle.

Accelerate your sales

Too often sales are lost because there is no software to track progress. Sales Accelerator utilises our unique formula and process to visualise exactly where you are on your journey to meet your sales objectives.

Identify Key Influencers

Work out the key influencers in the sales process so you know who and how to approach your sales.

The Sales Accelerator Software: the Key Account Management Software for Your Business

The Sales Accelerator is a highly efficient Key Account Management Software that includes all the organisational client management tools a business needs to accelerate its sales cycle. What makes this software unique is that it’s designed by Hakeem Adebiyi, a highly experienced sales consultant based in Manchester, North West UK.

With years of knowledge and experience in managing high-performance sales divisions for different small and medium-sized enterprises, Hakeem has incorporated the successful sales processes and client management strategies he has implemented over the years, into the acceleration formula. This embedded methodology will help you develop the right account analysis for your business model, acknowledge your clear sales objectives and point you to the right decisions that will effectively accelerate your sales cycle.

Key Account Management
Tool Developed By The World's Best

Easy to use sales process

This is a highly efficient Account Management Software, proven to work time and again in many different sales environments.

Our Sales Accelerator software is simple and quick to use, adapting to your methods and strategies but enhancing the process with clever tools and a formula that’s been proven to work time and time again, guaranteeing to effectively accelerate your sales cycle. Just book your demo today and find out how we can help your business improve your sales. For more information on our packages as well as how to book your demo, please refer to our Pricing section, or contact us today for more information.

Visualise exactly where you are in the sales process

Too often sales are lost because there is no software to track progress. Sales Accelerator utilises our unique formula and process to visualise exactly where you are on your journey to meet your sales objectives.

Set your targets, achieve your goals

Our clear process focuses on identifying the decisions you are trying to affect, by building the right decision-making sales strategy. The Sales Accelerator software helps you focus specifically on setting the goals and implementing an effective action plan to execute those decisions more rapidly.

Using the sales formula presented by Hakeem has enabled us to reduce a complex sales cycle from 24 months to 12 months through the bespoke sales Academy programme.

The Account segmentation and DMU analysis provided in the software gave us a methodology and clarity to help people navigate our complex sales process.

Our average sales cycle is now less than 12 months and we regularly have wins taking less than 3 months based on the sales academy methodology, this was previously unheard of in our business.

Marketing Director – Vernagroup

Our Guarantee

No quibble guarantee, if you follow the training and then use the sales accelerator software and it isn’t delivering results in the next 6 months we will give you your money back.

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