How to scale your business rapidly, by systemising it

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One of the biggest challenges that I’ve seen in businesses is that no matter how small or how large they are, they don’t have enough time to finish all of their daily processes. These businesses feel overwhelmed and can’t even imagine what the next step would be to resolve all of their organisational issues. One of the reasons for this overwhelm is that they add poor processes to their systems. 

However, the main reason is that most business owners consider implementing processes a time stealer and a means to drain a lot of money due to inefficiencies.

Our guest today is Alexis Kingsbury, the co-founder of AirManual, a startup that helps businesses document their processes as well as onboard and train employees. With over 10 years of experience and with a remote and global team, Alexis will explain the power of systemising business procedures and processes for both your time and bottom line.

In This Episode

[02:25] Alexis’ journey to get to where he is today as the Systemizing Guru.

[05:57] Is it important to keep processes in place in a remote team as it is in an in-office team?

[09:11] What goes on at AirManual.

[11:59] “Get your process, get it documented, hand it over to someone and continuously improve it.”  – Alexis

[21:08] Why are most businesses not using sales processes?

[30:34] A real-life scenario of what happens when you don’t have your systemised processes in place.

[33:14] If you find processes boring, think about them as consistent habits.

[37:35] How to avoid “the growing pains” of not having systemised processes.

[41:59] The financial reasons why businesses are much better off with a specialized process.

[48:42] The value of saving time in your business process.

[50:58] What are the tasks and activities we should be letting go of within our business processes?

[53:55] The thing to stop doing is self-sabotage and constantly thinking of doing things yourself.

[55:01] How to get in contact with AirManual.

[56:14] The most asked questions in AirManual webinars.

[58:08] What would the output be in terms of leaving people around systemizing processes in their business?

About Alexis Kingsbury

Alexis is an award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of AirManual, Spidergap, and Bridging Insight. With over 10 years of experience and with a remote and global team, he also supports others as a board member or consultant including well-known companies like Sony PlayStation.

In the last few years, Alexis has worked with 100s of business leaders to help save them 1,000s of hours of their time each year and unlock their business growth. He’s been sharing his findings, and it’s had a huge impact on many businesses. For example, Alexis won the ‘Most valued content’ award in 2021 for his workshop at Dan Bradbury’s Success Mastermind, which led to over 30 business owners adopting the tools and processes recommended.

Alexis is a husband, and dad of two, and is passionate about balancing work alongside family life.

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