How To Build Better Businesses with William Buist

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When starting a business, we all have the confidence that we will be able to work it out, but sometimes it can prove to be difficult when faced with challenges we didn’t foresee. However, getting clear on our Why and focusing on what we’re good at will allow us to maintain long-lasting success. When we design our business to help us and our team deliver more value in what we’re passionate about and enjoy, we bring more value. Building a better business is all about what you can get from your business or team. It’s about what you can give to help them become better in what they deliver and have more pleasure in what they do to build a more human, more real, and better business where everybody wins.

In this episode of the Hands On Business podcast, we talk about how to build a better business that aligns with your purpose through intentional mastery and strategy. Reconnecting with your why and developing mastery in what you are passionate about is the key to manifesting the changes you want to see in yourself, your business, and your clients. Entrepreneurship is all about delivering value and bringing change to make a difference, not just in our lives but also in the world we’re in.

Listen in to learn how to step beyond your expertise and become the master of your markets, operate effectively and build a business that stands out from all of your competition. Get ready to reinvent your business, cultivate the power of decision-making, build strategies that create consistency, and embrace mastery to have more joy and pleasure in your work to build a better and more successful business.

What You Will Learn:

  • [00:00] Intro and a bit about our guest today, William Buist
  • [01:33] William’s journey from insurance to becoming a business mentor
  • [05:55] How to design a business that is more aligned with your purpose
  • [07:48] How William helps businesses reconnect and centre on their purpose
  • [10:10] About William’s book: Intentional Mastery and what it offers
  • [17:53] Overcoming challenges when trying to be intentional in mastery and coaching
  • [21:56] What inspired William to write a book, his process and learning experience
  • [25:45] Mastering something that you enjoy to be effective
  • [28:21] Applying mastery in your business to build a better business
  • [30:34] How to use intentionality to accelerate your mastery process
  • [32:22] How to increase the likelihood that you’re making the right decision
  • [41:50] The power of doing risk analysis in your business
  • [47:03] Strategies and why people don’t become masters of their business
  • [50:16] Tips on how to build effective strategies for your business
  • [52:52] William’s advice to his young self on how to become a master
  • [54:39] One message from William for the listeners
  • [55:16] Ending the show

Standout Quotes

  • “Mastery is about your identity and who you are as much as it’s about what you do; Mastery isn’t a destination, it’s a way of life.”– William Buist [13:22]
  • Being conscious of where the other people are in your team and thinking about what they need right now and how you can make it as simple as possible for them at that point is the different between a great player and a great coach.”– William Buist [13:23]
  • “Find and surround yourself with the people who have the knowledge, skills, and experience that you need to help you in your mystery journey.” – William Buist [31:20]
  • “If you want to make a better decision, start thinking about what are the other things you don’t know, what are you assuming is true, and what do you know is true.”– William Buist [34:27]
  • “A lot of times, when people have businesses that are not doing well, they get locked up in the tactic of what they are doing and what they need to do today, and other little things instead of focusing on strategies.”William Buist [47:04]
  • “The strategies become obvious when you have a clear Vision, so start there.” William Buist [52:16]

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