How do you maximise social media in your business?

How can you maximise your social media channels in your business? Whether through content or through your persona, social media is for small to mid-sized businesses now more than ever. So the question is, what actually works for you and your business as a whole?

Veronica Woods Querales is a qualified marketer and an ILM-certified mentor. With 14 years of experience, she’s been working with startups and growing businesses across various industries. With this experience and the desire to have her own business, she set up her own agency called Into The Woods Marketing and today we’re going to be mining her brain on how social media works for business.

Tune in and learn about Veronica’s core areas of expertise; marketing strategy, campaigns, copyright, and PR and mentoring. 

In This Episode

[04:10] Veronica’s marketing business journey and how it shaped Into The Woods Marketing.

[15:32] How people’s presence gets much more interaction than just the social media pages.

[18:09] A really branded profile makes a really big impression on small businesses.

[19:25] Putting all of your effort into the social media channels where your audience most interacts.

[23:14] How to make the process of content creation easier by talking about two or three topics that you are really well known for.

[25:08] Using interviews and automated transcription tools to create content.

[29:32] “There’s actually a very small amount of useful content on the internet as a whole.”

[31:36] Posting content is about how much resource it’s going to take and the bigger picture in terms of your marketing plan.

[37:09] Veronica’s advice for using automated tools for posting social media content.

[39:55] The value of spending time engaging with your social media channels.

[41:28] Traits to look out for when looking for a social media manager or agency, especially for LinkedIn.

[42:04] Refutable LinkedIn experts recommended by Veronica:

  • [42:24] John Espirian, a Relentlessly helpful LinkedIn nerd with a supportive community called Espresso+
  • [42:32] Jen Corcoran, Award-Winning LinkedIn Consultant for Sensitive Female Coaches, Consultants & Trainers.
  • [42:40] Richard van der Blom, Social Selling & LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training Programs. He produces amazing algorithm reports which detail the best ways to use LinkedIn for your sales team.

[43:09] How one viral LinkedIn post skyrocketed Veronica’s marketing business and using LinkedIn for finding opportunities.

[45:20] Three key things Veronica recommends that people should do to generate business through social media:

  • [45:31] Make sure your profile picture, profile title, and “About section” look good.
  • [46:02] Get your feed cleaned up by unfollowing people and companies that are not useful to you.
  • [46:34] Make sure it’s really clear what it is that you do and what you’ve got to offer. 

[48:24] Veronica’s top three things people shouldn’t do on their social media:

  • [48:28] Post spammy, click-bait content.
  • [48:56] Use poor-quality photography, videos, and graphics.
  • [49:14] Failing to engage with people or content.

[53:12] A real marketing best practice is to not only rely on social media to grow your business and its online presence.

[56:46] Don’t overthink it and create a barrier for your social media plan. Just experiment and see what works.

About Veronica Woods Querales

Veronica Woods Querales is a British Venezuelan who grew up in Nottinghamshire. She studied English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds and has a background in journalism. Working in marketing for over a decade, Veronica started as sales and comms support. She worked her way up to head of marketing and is now a marketing consultant. Her agency, Into The Woods Marketing, works with small to medium businesses where Veronica knows she can make the biggest impact as a marketer. Most of her clients are in B2B and SaaS which are sectors that she knows and loves.

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