5 essential tips to successfully globalise a product

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Globalising a product requires a lot of planning and research. Taking a small business global, particularly healthcare products, is a complex and dynamic process.

In today’s episode, Hakeem speaks with Nishant Varma, a man who began his career as a chartered accountant before joining his father in the commercialisation of a unique medical device in 2015. They sold that business six years later to a large US multinational healthcare company. Tune in to hear Nishant’s five most important tips for successfully globalising a product.

In this Episode

[03:20] Nishant went from economics student to joining his father’s business.

[04:50] How did Nishant progress from being an accountant at PWC to starting a healthcare company?

[14:20] Action without vision is just wasting time. A vision without action is just a dream. – Nelson Mandela

[15:03] What was the status of the company when Nishant started, and what was his role?

[17:55] The hardest thing was when Nishant joined the business.

[20:22] How did Nishant bridge the gap from being in finance to the medical field?

[24:10] What makes work enjoyable and not seem like work, is when you have a clear purpose. 

[27:24] The reason why Nishant wants to personally manage their business market in America.

[33:21] The key tips to introducing products globally.

[40:12] How to choose the right people to do the things that need to be done.

[43:41] Key pitfalls that Nishant wants to avoid.

[54:44] What’s next for Nishant’s business?

[59:31] If there’s something that you are trying to achieve or something that you’re passionate about, you should really just go for it.

About Nishant Varma

After graduating in Economics, Nishant Varma began his career at PwC as a chartered accountant before moving on to an investment bank as an Equity Analyst. He’s always been interested in start-ups, and in 2015 he decided to take a risk and collaborate with his father, who had invented a medical device to solve a critical clinical problem in his field.

As you might expect from an early-stage company, the responsibilities were broad and included sales, marketing, finance, operations, logistics, and international expansion. He focused his efforts on growing their business in the US market after receiving FDA approval for the product in 2017.

CooperSurgical Inc. purchased their company (Safe Obstetric Systems) in March 2021. (CSI). He worked with CSI for a year after the acquisition to support the integration of Fetal Pillow into their product portfolio. Nishant spent a significant amount of time in the United States training their sales teams and introducing local reps to a vast network of clinicians and hospital systems that they had built over time.

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