3 key steps to becoming a successful leader

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What sets apart a manager from a leader?

Rich Levene has always been a great manager, however in spite of his success, he realized it was not about the money or the product, it was all about the people. In pursuit of being a leader, Rich embarked on a personal journey to learn and grow as a great leader.

In this episode, Rich shares how connecting with people taught him real leadership. How it helped him and his team reach beyond their goals and become the best sales. And shares the three key steps to becoming a successful leader. Rich is on a mission to train managers on how to lead teams to grow and achieve their true potential.

“Not everybody can be a leader, but every day you are leading somebody as an individual” – Rich Levene

In this episode:

[02:12] Rich was good at what he does in terms of making money, however, his team was not happy. He then realized that it’s not about the money, the products, or the processes, it’s all about the people.

[05:58] It started by having an open-door policy and Richard learning how to be a leader by asking his team for feedback on his leadership style.

[07:50] Just because I was a manager and was given authority, does not make me a leader. – Rich

[08:17] How Rich found out his team wasn’t happy and how he learned what makes them happy.

[09:49] Developing trust and accountability made them the best sales team in the country.

[11:06] Instead of just cooperating, they were collaborating and cooperating.

[14:19] Critical thinking skills are key to getting your mind away from responding all the time.

[16:37] Trust is reciprocal, to get it, you have to give it. You need to start connecting with your people.

[19:06] Aside from trust, you also need to give them hope.

[20:49] Allowing your team to share their ideas will engage them better going into the future.

[23:30] Key things to becoming a great leader.

[26:05] How to distinguish between someone good on stage and a good leader.

[26:54] As a leader, you need to be extremely consistent in delivering and inspiring people because if you stop, they will fall flat. – Hakeem

[28:59] Instead of doing annual performance reviews, weekly one-on-one conversations are more effective in making them perform better.

[30:40] Why Rich believes in leading from strength.

[35:32] What is the Peter Principle?

[38:36] Three key tips to becoming a successful leader: Trust, Empathy, and Ego.

[44:30] Putting all the three tips together equals authenticity.

[45:31] Rich’s advice, go out and create a personal board of directors. These are the leaders or mentors you can engage with and learn from.

[49:19] Rich talks about some of the 50 leadership pitfalls based on real-life experiences.

[55:03] Why leadership is a challenge.

[56:15} Everybody’s gonna say, not everybody can be a leader, but every day you are leading somebody as an individual – Rich

About Rich Levene

Rich was a great manager and thought he was a leader. Realizing he was not a leader and was willing to learn and grow, Rich sought his Masters of Science in Leadership & Change. Rich went from managing his team to leading his team. Rich is on a mission to train managers on how to lead teams. Businesses want specialists – a.k.a managers – to manage the business – but your business needs leaders to grow and achieve its full potential.

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